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Things to Do

Our accommodation is located at the entrance to the Wild Pacific Trail, near the Pacific Rim National Park, where well-groomed paths allow you to take in the beauty and splendour of B.C.'s natural resources. On the one side is a lush temperate rainforest thick with wind-swept, mossy trees, and on the other the broad expanse of the Pacific ocean. This trail provides an outstanding location for winter storm watching adventures.
There are many other opportunities for walking in the Pacific Rim area, from easy strolls along wide sandy beaches to challenging hiking trails.

Whale Watching
Spring is the premier whale watching season in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, as the Pacific Gray Whales pass on their annual northward migration from the Baja to the waters off Alaska. However, all seasons it is possible to take sea tours and revel in sightings of many marine mammals and other local wildlife. For more information, please click on the following links​

 Fishing Charters
Ucluelet is home to world class sports fishing for Halibut, Salmon and Bottom Fish. There are many local fishing charter companies to choose from.


Kayaking Tours

There are a variety of kayaking tours and packages offered by these companies in town that can be customised to suit anyone's needs. 

Surf Lessons

Surf lessons are offered in town for beginners as well as rentals of surfboards, wetsuits and anything else you'll need to get out and enjoy the waves.
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